Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

A DWI charge can happen to people in all walks of life. Maybe you had just one too many drinks or thought you waited long enough for your BAC to fall before driving. No matter what your feelings are about Missouri’s DWI laws, it’s important to know that prosecutors take DWI charges very seriously and stiff penalties may result from a conviction. You should also know that even though the evidence may seem to be stacked against you, most DWI cases have several potential defenses.

The first question a DWI lawyer should ask is whether the police had a valid reason to stop you. This could be for a separate traffic violation like speeding or an illegal turn, or it could be for visible signs of possible driver impairment such as weaving across lane lines. If the police did not have a legally valid reason for initiating the traffic stop, it is a Constitutional violation, and the case must almost always be dismissed.

If the stop was legal, numerous factual defenses are possible. A field sobriety test may have been conducted incorrectly, or a breathalyzer machine may not have been calibrated correctly. A driver’s medical condition may also cause them to fail a test when they weren’t really intoxicated. In addition, BAC levels rise and fall as the body absorbs alcohol, and depending on the person’s physical characteristics, a breathalyzer test taken an hour after they were driving may show a BAC that is either higher or lower than it was when they were driving.

When you talk to an experienced DWI defense attorney, they will be able to analyze the circumstances of your case to see what defenses give the best chance of having the charge dismissed or reduced. To learn more about what DWI defenses are available to you, contact Larry Catt Law Office in Springfield, Missouri, today.