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Traffic Violation Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

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In a criminal courthouse filled with robbers and murderers, traffic tickets may be of minimal concern. However, when a traffic ticket could lead to losing your license and not being able to get to work or school, it certainly isn’t a minor concern in your life. If you are cited for a traffic offense, never plead guilty until you fully understand all of the possible consequences.

In Missouri, a traffic violation could lead to:

  • Fines
  • Points on your license — even for a first offense, remember that pleading guilty to an offense carrying points puts you one step closer to suspension
  • License suspense
  • License revocation and not being able to apply for a new license for one year or longer
  • For more serious offenses, a criminal record

The penalties for each offense vary widely, and the difference between being charged with a crime that will make job applications for difficult and only having to pay a fine is often small and negotiable. To avoid being surprised by a criminal record or stiff penalties and to find out what plea deals have been offered in similar cases to yours, talk to an experienced Missouri traffic lawyer before making any decisions.

One other thing to note about Missouri traffic tickets is that unless you wish to plead guilty to the original charge and pay the full fine, you will probably have to go to court. This will often mean missing work and losing pay or vacation time. Except for a small number of traffic charges that require a mandatory court appearance, you can usually send an attorney to appear and negotiate on your behalf or to make legal arguments as to why the ticket should be dismissed.

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